Poverbs 31:13

"She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Embellished Jeans: floral

These jeans are embellished with various flowers that I crocheted from scaps of silk, and embroidery floss.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Planet Earth Fibers

These are some of the colors I am playing with from Planet Earth Fibers...this silk yarn is absolutely FABULOUS! Check out the sequins and beads (click on the picture to see detail)! This yarn is just beautiful...I can't wait to get working on some designs from these! I am told that this particular line of yarn will eventually boast over 100 different colors!

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Silk Yarn

I want to share this picture of the latest tilli tomas yarn that I am working with. It is a nice strong dk weight silk, and I am very excited to be using it in my latest bedspread design!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Greeting Card

I used some silk scraps that I had left over to make this greeting card. I can't bring myself to part with even the tiniest piece of yarn, and this was the perfect project to put those pieces to work! I crocheted some flowers & vines, and just glued them down to the card. I have a feeling I will be making more of these with different colors & flowers...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gift Tags

I created these gift tags using size 10 crochet cotton, and homemade paper - you can also use card stock, or luggage tags. I started with a 3" by 5" piece of paper, and cut the corners off to achieve the luggage tag shape. To make the holes that you will be crocheting into, use a ruler to measure in from the edge 1/4 of an inch, begin making holes leaving 1/4 of an inch in between each hole. Continue all the way around the tag. If you don't have anything to make the holes with, check out your local scrap booking store - they have some fantastic tools for piercing paper.
Now that you have your holes done, you are ready to crochet the border. Using a size 6 steel hook, join in any hole with a single crochet. Chain 2, sc in next hole all the way around working two sc in each corner hole, and ending with a sl st in the first sc. Ch 1, (sc in first ch 2 sp, ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, sc in same ch 2 sp)repeat around. Join w/sl st to first sc. Break thread, weave in ends.
Add whatever crocheted embellishments you like to the top (I chose different flowers). You can find the basic rose and leaf patterns in earlier posts. For the string, make another hole in the end of the tag about 1/2" from the edge. Crochet a chain of desired length, and pull it through the hole. Tie it, and you're done. For added detail, work a leaf or small flower at the end of the chain.
For my leaf, I worked: ch 8, sc in first ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next 3 ch, hdc in next ch, 3 sc in last ch, and working down other side: hdc in next ch, dc in next 3 ch, hdc in next ch, sc in last ch, sl st in tip. Break thread.
For the flower, I worked: ch 3, 3dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 2, sl st in same ch, (ch 2, 3 dc in ch, ch 2, sl st in ch)3 times. Break thread. 4 petals made

Drawstring Bridal Bag

I designed this bag from #20 crochet cotton. It will eventually boast a satin lining, and will be the perfect handmade bridal accessory. As soon as I get this design completed, and tested I will make the pattern available.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Marlene Shoulderette

This fabulous shoulderette I crocheted from Alpaca Silk from Blue Sky Alpacas. This yarn is wonderful to crochet with, and very nice to the touch. I will be offering this pattern for sale soon.

May Flowers Scarf

Because April showers bring May flowers, this is my latest scarf design! Created from the most delicate hand painted, fingering weight silk from tilli tomas - this scarf is loaded with spring blossoms. This lacy scarf pattern is available at DreamWeaverYarns.com. The yarn for the project can also be purchased there.

April Showers Scarf

This scarf I designed to look like raindrops... it was created using hand painted silk from tilli tomas and is absolutely luxurious in texture. The pattern is available online at DreamWeaverYarns.com.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blooming Buds Shawl

This shawl was designed from one skein of red beaded lace from tilli tomas. This silk yarn drapes beautifully, and is covered in gorgeous beads. I am offering the pattern for sale at DreamWeaverYarns. Below is a link where the pattern and yarn can be purchased.

String of Blossoms Scarf

I designed this scarf using tilli tomas sequin lace. It uses only one skein of this fantastic yarn. Below is a link to DreamWeaverYarns where the pattern and the yarn can both be purchased.